Which Dota 2 female do you want to sleep with most?

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User Info: king___mickey

3 years ago#21
> 19 on both Rylai and Lina

the race is starting to heat up into a stone cold match up
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User Info: therickmu25

3 years ago#22
Idk how you 'don't' vote for CM.
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User Info: GhostSignal

3 years ago#23
You just know Windrunner would be a lot of fun, dat giggle.

User Info: gamesrgreat

3 years ago#24
Can't choose...too hard
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User Info: iTz_SLammi

3 years ago#25
mirana, one of the few who knows how to ride, sorry Luna, cant stand ur voice
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User Info: PirahnoPlantman

3 years ago#26
I don't sexualize any of the DotA 2 girls in that way so.....


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User Info: BIadeBIade

3 years ago#27
I'd feed Broodmother.

If you know what I'm saying.
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User Info: tweaker1

3 years ago#28
Phantom Assassin, dat sexy accent!

User Info: XxAzerothxX

3 years ago#29
Mirana is supremely hot.

User Info: ImAWizard

3 years ago#30
there's nothing freaky about freaky choices D: I mean use a little logic guys.

Death prophet + her sisters = Wincest Mega-Orgy!

Naga siren + her 3 illussions = Illusory orgy!

enchantress + her enchant skill on any other chick = 3some!

so, freaky choices are the best choices all the time.
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