Leave two games filled with team mates that don't speak english

#11therickmu25Posted 4/21/2013 5:46:50 PM(edited)
If I had less patience, I would quit every match that I have Russian team mates.

They are hands down the most rage inducing, uncooperative people I've ever seen play an online game.

There was a pair of them in my game that were bot on the dire and refused to leave bot the entire match even though the enemy was up at our top racks. They managed to take the bot tower at the 30 minute mark and our ancient was destroyed at the 33 minute mark. Morons.
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So funny when nerds get on their high horse about strictly adhering to rules despite negatively impacting your gaming experience. Well done oh valiant defender of netiquette.
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bfoxv2 posted...
Pings are universally annoying. People only use then when they are mad that you couldn't save them from a gank or when you do try to save them and you die they still ping 500 times on your dead body for trying.

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