I love Dota Drama.

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I'm not gonna watch the links because internet drama and NADota drama in particular is stupid, but I'm watching EG vs. Liquid Game 1 but I think that in the average RP+Chrono, Demon and Jeyo hit an average of 2 heroes total, and usually they're just supports, and if not it's Bat who just gets disrupted. They're literally winning this game because of Fear's Rubick and Bamboe's Furion, and Bamboe is a damn standin.

Edit: Clairvoyance went off on the Force Staff pickup and I think that was a little unnecessary but at least he explained why he thought it was a bad choice.
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clairrrvooyyaannccee.. I've played against him once. one on one mid, I was demolished. anyway, the way he flames, he knows no limit, lol
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SpeedDemon20 posted...
I don't like Maelk. He's way too serious.

I don't like Loda either. I'm pretty sure he's mildly insane.

Sometimes I don't like Puppey, but sometimes he's okay.

Puppey is a complete ****.