I've been watching this new series on YouTube called "The Dota Difference."

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There's a lot of cool trivia and little things you can learn. It's pretty nifty. This week's episode was on one of my favorite heroes, Riki.

Length: 4:50
Content: The Dota Difference - Vol. 8: Riki

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SpeedDemon20 posted...
This week's episode was on one of my favorite heroes, Riki.

SpeedDemon20 posted...
my favorite heroes, Riki.

SpeedDemon20 posted...

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agentjonny2579 posted...


there's nothing wrong with liking riki...he's a fun hero to play as in pubs

he's even seen competitive pro play
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Interesting videos. One big difference I remember from dota 1 is phantom assassin. In dota 1, her blur made her very, very hard to see. Additionally, her dagger was a tiny grey projectile, very easy to not notice. I never liked that her dagger in dota 2 is this big yellow projectile.
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Yeah it's not like he said PL or anything.
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Man, I really don't like her voice. Interesting video otherwise.
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