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Is the treasure of the nested cache worth it?
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Rhylos1112/21 10:21AM
Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Round 51 - Axe vs Necrophos (Poll)Ifeno112/21 5:48AM
How do I Nyxnyxnyxnyxnyxnyx?
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LilBoyFresh1212/21 1:06AM
Rework the Hero - Day 8: Slardar (Poll)
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Knux581812/20 11:53PM
Inscribed gems in bundles, are they lost when unbundled or are they applied?digitalwill2000312/20 9:33PM
after much experimentation I must conclude
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SwaglockHolmes1112/20 7:32PM
Gfaq's Thunderdome Frostbite Edition 20/Dec/2014
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samurai goroh1312/20 5:52PM
Wow, game will not be scored.....KingDelita612/20 3:16PM
cant load in game hero guidestuoli112/20 7:48AM
The Tusk "buff" is really just a nerf to an already bad hero.Tekken92921012/20 7:20AM
Getting flammed all game.sherudons412/20 7:08AM
Why is mek being built on shadow fiend suddenly
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afireinside78441112/20 6:36AM
Can't buy items in Steam and Dota 2 Store..BramStark212/20 1:29AM
What were the shortest games of 6.82?UltraCookie712/19 11:02PM
Gfaq's Thunderdome Frostbite Edition 19/12/2014
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SHINSS03212/19 5:55PM
there seems to be more people abandoning unranked games...KingDelita912/19 5:08PM
What do you guys think of 6.83 QoP
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Akutura2912/19 4:36PM
Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Round 50 - Ember Spirit vs Lone Druid (Poll)Ifeno212/19 3:42PM
Any rewards for your recruitment level?therickmu25512/19 3:01PM
Lost maybe the 2 most discouraging games of all time in a row.therickmu25912/19 11:53AM