Recommendation for a trilane with Undying??

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User Info: OnionOfMystery

3 years ago#11
thehelpfulgamer posted...

Undying EarthShaker +1 might be pretty scary.
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User Info: GunmaN1905

3 years ago#12
I had great success with warlock+pl+undying.
Dem fatal bonds complete the combo.
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User Info: SpinKirby

3 years ago#13
crunchy612 posted...
SpinKirby posted...
Dark Seer + Undying is good on its own.

Not sure what to add on top of that.

Yeah, no.

Plop him in a tri with disables. My personal fave is one i did before with a CM and an Sven(iirc.. Either Sven or Alch). No escape. Needs at least lvl 2 only, 3-4 if you need/want to be a tad more passive.


Shell Undying, Undying goes Golem. Add speed boost to Golem.

Everyone dies.
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User Info: pipituga

3 years ago#14
A stunner and a carry with bash or slow preferable.
Stun > tombstone > slow/bash = low health = slow from zombies = dead enemy.
Both supports preferable get arcane boots to keep mana up.
Make sure the carry gets the last hits obviously. Specially from the heroes.
And keep a ward up for vision for not getting ganked.
Rinse and repeat. Let the melee support thus you stack and pull btw. Better not having 2 melee in your lane wih the carry/support.
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User Info: funkyfritter

3 years ago#15
Anyone with range and disables.
And with that...pow! I'm gone!
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