So it looks like LoL one upped Dota this time

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SkimGuy posted...
It wouldn't stop people from ruining the game - You can't enforce the players to play their role. What if I chose CM in a 5 position role but built carry items just to troll?

In typical LoL fashion, you'd be suspended after a torrent of foul language.
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lmfao, it's gonna be fun when 90% of the queue is carries.
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The problem with this is that there are way too many positions in DotA to fill out. Most heroes have multiple positions. Some extreme examples are Naga "support" and Naga "Carry", but you will see heroes swap between the 4 and 5 roles all the time. Sometimes a team is composed of heroes of positions 1 through 5, sometimes you'll have multiple 2 position roles, sometimes you will have multiple 4-5 roles and only one position 1..

TL;DR: Team compostion heavily depends on the lineup and on a hero to hero basis.
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To add, sometimes, midgame, hero positions need to be switched. That support Naga may have to start carrying and that DK may want to just tank up instead of going for the usual build, if the game calls for it.

To sum: It's not applicable in DotA. It just shows how "set in stone" positions/roles are in LoL.

...that's just ridiculous; no-one beats Sub-Zero.