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User Info: audeandy

3 years ago#1
This game needs one big time. 5 losses in a row due to Russians and Spanish folks who have no idea what they are doing. And the best part of all is that they have the audacity to call you a noob when they fed the enemy team so hard that there is no coming back.
/rant over :(

Modern Warfare 2 Mission : "NO RUSSIAN"

User Info: MadcowMobile

3 years ago#2
How about you shut the f*** up?
Home, home on the basin and range
Where the faults and the decollements play

User Info: Chaap

3 years ago#3
you mean to say 5 losses in a row because your team was outplayed
"Some people are just dumb"

User Info: Celeritas020

3 years ago#4
I read the title as "Legion Rocks." I must be too excited for Lady Commander.

User Info: ElevatorsSC

3 years ago#5
Is your language preference set to english?

User Info: audeandy

3 years ago#6
Yes which is why both me and my friend are a little mad. Before the patch, me and my friend went on a winning streak but now its just Russians and Spanish people every game.

User Info: aalnius

3 years ago#7
5 losses with you being the common denominator yeh i'm sure it was foreigners

User Info: tweaker1

3 years ago#8
I played with an awesome Russian guy last night, he spoke english with a badass russian accent, he was constantly sh** talking and stuff, it was pretty hilarious. He was good too, we just got outplayed as a team (they had huge team fights and we had no split pushing, #RandomDraftProblems)

User Info: acesxhigh

3 years ago#9
audeandy posted...
Modern Warfare 2 Mission : "NO RUSSIAN"

You do know that quote means nothing without context right?

User Info: dubya_111

3 years ago#10
Everyone lashes out at OP instead of thinking about whether it would improve or worsen the game experience.
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