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Aghs refresher venge + techies =
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ferrari is joining DKSwaglockHolmes107/28 8:48AM
dota 2 : honest trailerblackwolfLT737/28 8:40AM
if I get hotd can I Dom a creep and negate backdoor protection?wonzan87/28 7:29AM
So our whole team got rekt by an Ember Spirit last nightMishimaBlood97/28 6:58AM
For those of you that have "high" or "very high" matches, what's your advice?
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Recommend some beginner heroes for me!Trickery168887/28 5:00AM
Would anyone kindly help me improve on my existing windrunner guide?
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when people you beat mid add you in order to scam...blackwolfLT717/28 4:36AM
anyone wants to trade immortals?
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What heroes (or role) should someone with minimal knowledge of DOTA learn first?
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Why do I have to deal with "wtf LC mid?" EVERY GAME
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Can someone explain to me how to get the item drop rate bonus? not battle pointsYombiee17/28 12:08AM
Why did it take me so long to see this side of Tobi?BlackBeetleborg97/27 11:33PM
How easy is Tiny for someone looking to begin playing carry role?Ascoltare67/27 11:29PM
What LoL has that DOTA2 doesn't
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Best weaver trilane?
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Do you care about normal mm winrate?Ascoltare107/27 10:42PM
Do you miss terrorblade?
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