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Canonically, who's the strongest mage in the game? (Archived)
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Mek is a good item on Outworld. (Archived)
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I'm new, this was my 10th game. (Archived)
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Does anyone know if the International battle booster stacks with the blue ones? (Archived)SkimGuy35/18 6:17PM
So, my friend is streaming on twitch against cancer and can really use the supp (Archived)MasterShot2k545/18 6:16PM
About to play this for the first time... (Archived)Jimmy_T_Gibbins45/18 5:22PM
So the Dog becomes a Mouz? (Archived)ScarletShin45/18 4:37PM
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Legion Commander is really good right now (Archived)
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Pudge is the last hero I need a win with. (Archived)
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Do you think the damage to mana ratio on black hole is good? (Archived)
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Who's that hot chick with a weird name that starts with an S? (Archived)
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