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Think of a hero before entering (Archived)
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Polls of Indisputable Authenticity Day 5: Warcraft 3 Dota Names Vs Dota 2 Names (Poll)The_Heap32/24/2014
I see they changed how abandoned games are viewed now. (Archived)water111152/24/2014
Any Improvements I should make to my guide? (Archived)Susan072/24/2014
Polls of Indisputable Authenticity Day 4: Best "Manly" Carry (Poll)
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How could I have done better this game? (Archived)DeathScythe_52752/24/2014
Whining topic about ranked. (Archived)Tornarus32/24/2014
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Gamefaqs hero representatives (Archived)
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Good build for Slark? (Archived)DeathScythe_52782/24/2014
Can starcraft 2 imprive my dota skill? (Poll)blackwolfLT752/24/2014
How often do you feel that you are the best player in your team? (solo queue) (Poll)
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good builds on phoenix? (Archived)wonzan92/24/2014
If you haven't watched the D2CL Navi vs VP Game 3 match, you should. (Archived)ScarletShin42/24/2014
What gems should I put on my empty socket ward? (Archived)
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I am so sick of all pick.... (Archived)
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have US West/East Dota 2 servers gotten worse? I'm in Chicago (Archived)Shibiscuit32/23/2014