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Why did they disable basher on SB?VictoriqueFlake912/12 10:38PM
Why do people think Void is an instant win button?Imbackhahahaha712/12 10:34PM
Wow, Aghs Shadow Demons is awesome!
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DonnyCapoEra1712/12 7:12PM
Do you think I can someday stand in TI Group Stages? (Poll)YM_Smash812/12 6:12PM
Being a support is rough.DonnyCapoEra1012/12 4:12PM
I just got called high for saying Sand King is a support
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Imbackhahahaha1712/12 4:09PM
50 - Discuss the Balance: Puck (Poll)Akutura712/12 2:19PM
Rework the Hero - Day 6: Oracle (Poll)Knux58612/12 11:36AM
in this topic post the number of lifestealers you have seen carry a game before.wonzan812/12 11:31AM
Who is currently holding the "Most OP Hero" title?
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ghost_snow2612/12 9:48AM
when does items drop?
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tuoli1212/12 4:56AM
I play captain falcon in super smash. Who is most similar to him in Dota2?
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Have_Dry_Hands1512/11 10:48PM
Heads up: SynthMinus / WarVeterinarian got hacked
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Imbackhahahaha1512/11 9:21PM
Been stuck around the 3.3-3.6k range for months. How do I 'git gud'?
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Void makes me want to throw things.
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Give me some advice in Captains Mode...3DEffects612/11 3:11PM
Sitting at 3.7k mmr, very high skill bracket in normal games...F1areaGaman512/11 11:07AM
So is vlads good on PL now?mario_gamer312/11 6:21AM
Games are getting worse.Cascade565812/11 5:43AM
vlads + helm? does it work?
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wonzan3112/11 5:00AM