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year beast tips/tricks/faqs
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Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Season 2 - Round 83 - Invoker vs Anti-Mage (Poll)Ifeno32/19 9:29PM
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Games like this, that make you remember how horrible the Dota community is...
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Did the regeneration on Warlock golem get buffed massively?
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I just played my first game of dota after a month.
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New Dota hero Winter Wyvern?ebj76732/19 11:45AM
Why does BKB block pure damage?
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How do I carry better?
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Rate the Fun - Day 33: Winter Wyvern (Poll)Knux5812/19 3:02AM
stopped following this game after much has changedthemothman421102/18 11:22PM
single item drops are back???
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So does Year Beast Brawl just ignore server region or something?GuitarHero17182/18 10:17PM