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New to game, help appreciated! (Archived)blink182god812/30/2013
To all the Crystal Maiden players trying to be Puppey... (Archived)
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Shadow Demon Soul Catcher (Archived)WT_Neptune312/30/2013
just downloaded this is legion the newest champ to dota 2? (Archived)KingOfAsia612/30/2013
First game I've played where I can say MM is borked. (Archived)Crossfiyah712/30/2013
Mic usage during CM pick phase. (Archived)DeathScythe_527212/30/2013
Interesting (Archived)dmccappin412/30/2013
Who would be a good hard carry in this team? (Archived)DeathScythe_527412/30/2013
Should ranked mm have same hero pool as cm? (Archived)acesxhigh912/30/2013
What is up with this new dumb trend of asking tanks? (Archived)
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10 game win streak with Necro (Archived)NoJobBob912/30/2013
Can we stop theorizing a way to make Sniper "viable"? (Archived)
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I feel like everything Crystal Maiden does, Shadow shaman does better (Archived)
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How to counter slark? (Archived)
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Can someone explain why Valve gives out random items at the end of a game? (Archived)
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Think of any dota 2 hero before entering this topic. (Archived)
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168 hours (Archived)SkrallRampager612/30/2013
Alright. How does jungle CM work? (Archived)ThePlasmaStorm712/30/2013
Made, just had one intense game. (Archived)agentjonny2579912/30/2013
PSA: Fed fat Leshrac is not the time to cookie cutter your build. (Archived)
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