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I'm wondering if i should sell my Dragonclaw Hook. (Archived)
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xfd at XBOCT (Archived)samatash412/4/2013
is there something good about polymorph recipe scroll that im missing out? (Archived)LichKing612/4/2013
I understand Windrunner is (c) Sylvanas... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
How should I go about getting Situational items? (Archived)Akutura812/4/2013
Will slark and brood be picked more by pros when they come back to cm (Archived)Quaguaman912/4/2013
Is dota down? (Archived)NoJobBob712/3/2013
mfw I am 10 gold away from a sheepstick but the match ends too soon. (Archived)woolays412/3/2013
What is with the huge amount of afk, leavers, and foreign language speakers? (Archived)
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Can I 'unshare' announcers and/or mega-kills? (Archived)alpacino1983612/3/2013
Alchs right click annimation (Archived)therickmu25712/3/2013
how do you get the snow map? (Archived)Retro_Cuddles412/3/2013
san ge and yasha is hte most underrated item ever (Archived)
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New to DOTA (Archived)
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Four-stacks are literally the worst thing in the world. (Archived)
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Damn it, they just don't want to work on Techies do they? (Archived)
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I've decided.... (Archived)
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wow that second game between alliance and liquid (Archived)Evil_Evil_Evil_312/3/2013
Coming from a Starcraft background... (Archived)
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carry magi? (Archived)Toashen712/3/2013
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