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Well that's stupid. (Wraith Night) (Archived)SackBoi712/13/2013
What if orbs could apply to counter helix? (Archived)
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Solo Queue gone? (Archived)nintendoguy91612/13/2013
wow the matchmaking is even worse (Archived)Retro_Cuddles112/13/2013
Legion Commander, best suited as a laner/mid or jungler? (Archived)
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Key to make courier both retrieve and deliver items? (Archived)refmon212/13/2013
Wraith Fail (Archived)SkrallRampager412/13/2013
Got the "You have acquired a new item!" notice for the chest, but nothing in inv (Archived)SkimGuy912/13/2013
Why does valve's updates always cause server issues? (Archived)BakuraGorn912/13/2013
Is network off for someone else? (Archived)
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So just had a game which my team consisted of 4 Russians on EU WEST, English (Archived)
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Is it better to farm in Normal or New Game + (Or New Game ++ lol) (Archived)SkimGuy412/13/2013
Wraith Night wait times are like 6 minutes-_- (Archived)SackBoi512/13/2013
can you get items for regular dota in dota test? (Archived)Goodziilla212/13/2013
anyone currently unable to find a match in the US East/West servers? (Archived)Shibiscuit212/13/2013
Cant find a match? (Archived)Rodrigo996412/13/2013
recruitment level? (Archived)blackwolfLT7212/13/2013
can my computer run this game smoothly? (Archived)klienx412/13/2013
There should be a report button for bad players. (Archived)water1111812/13/2013
Anyone with the new CM or Luna hair want to trade? (Archived)DeathScythe_527112/13/2013
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