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Can you substitute Chen with kotl for puck bottle refill trick? (Archived)blackwolfLT7412/28/2013
First ever Captians mode game... (Archived)Guybrush_Three212/28/2013
So I'm switching over from LoL, and I want to play Mid (Archived)
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Fengyun Hegemony Battle Finals BO5, DK versus TongFu (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Help with Pudge vs Bloodseeker, Skywrath Mage and Tiny (Archived)barneypwnedyou912/28/2013
Hey men is 3600 4400 good? (Archived)TurboAE86112/28/2013
Critshaker is probably my favorite build at the moment (Archived)Coffee_Nurse712/28/2013
Turns out Ranked Matches don't mean crap about how good you are. (Archived)
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Is Agh's worth getting on Undying? (Archived)thehelpfulgamer612/28/2013
Whats your opinion about the original dota? (Archived)
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Sniper: ult channel time and mana cost halved. (Archived)thehelpfulgamer412/28/2013
Sniper : starts with lothar (Poll)blackwolfLT7412/28/2013
The lack of Zeus usage.. (Archived)staticshock90912/28/2013
As a new casual player (less than a month now), Invoker is the most fun. (Archived)Dr_Chops312/28/2013
Huskar picked right now by TongFu! (Archived)gamesrgreat312/28/2013
I always forget how ridiculously scary Mana Void gets lategame. (Archived)Esumark212/28/2013
Console command to make me NOT attack after I cast a spell? (Archived)
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What if Sniper has an attack point of 0.74 and a missile speed of 900 (Archived)TME_Guy312/28/2013
I'd like some to see some competitive matches that have Sniper (Archived)Akutura612/28/2013
Looking To Party Up - Playing Coop Bot Games! (Archived)Ultr4Violence312/28/2013
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