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So, I've found Orchid and Blink is pretty effective on Sniper. (Archived)
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Im starting to think Valve should pay more attention here. (Archived)
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Question about the update. (Archived)GameOutlaw411/14/2013
Sucks that Xin is here before Tresdin. (Archived)
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Diretide is available on the Test Client and has slightly been tweeked (Archived)
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New Hero 2 : Ember Spirit (Dota Cinema) Showcase (Archived)NewAnimeFanDV311/14/2013
so witch doctor ulti shadow blade combo (Archived)
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Coaching is an awesome update, even for non-new players. (Archived)Heyitsan_alt1011/14/2013
Screen Shot of the new Heroes + Updated Storm (Archived)
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Three Spirits Update! (Archived)Xikkom511/14/2013
Do people really flame / rage on the test client lol? (Archived)LilBoyFresh311/14/2013
item timing question (Archived)chronotrig100611/14/2013
I'm done playing this game until they fix the foreigner problem. (Archived)
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Match Making Needs to be Fixed (Archived)
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Which match? (Archived)aalnius111/14/2013
I just played the best worst game of my life (Archived)
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New update - no Legion Commander (Archived)Kharn99911/14/2013
What do you think of the new heroes being released? Are they good? Bad? (Archived)kyotosomo1011/14/2013
So... no holdout (or whatever it's called) mode to demo the new mode editor? (Archived)ThePlasmaStorm111/14/2013