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How do you feel about the Pudge Chen Combo? (Poll)
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I finally had my first game where I carried my team to victory :D (Archived)Patrick52Willis88/10/2013
Opinions on Sven and Luna (Archived)LittleStrat98/10/2013
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I love the smell of Dota 2 in the morning (Archived)Genjutsu_GG48/10/2013
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That game right there shows why Dota 2 is the best MOBA (Archived)
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I didn't really think Kaci was all that hot...until now... (Archived)Crossfiyah48/10/2013
Can Rubick be built like Nature's Prophet? (Archived)brygo78/10/2013
Interview with Puppey about chen + pudge fountain strat (Archived)OtakuGamera38/10/2013
do we have enough topics about the pudge chen combo yet? (Poll)XcaIIion38/10/2013
Everyone in the Twitch chat is so mad about the Chen + Pudge combo lol (Archived)
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please help this lycan to become blackwolf... [trade] (Archived)blackwolfLT7108/10/2013
Whale Hook Trade? (Archived)SkrallRampager88/10/2013
Anyone know how to make it so CTRL doesn't level up your abilities? (Archived)Ultima_Weapon3328/10/2013
This fountain hook thing isn't new, and it's not easy (Archived)Formalhaut18/10/2013