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quas wex invoker
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Who is the WORST hero for teamfights?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Should I stick to one hero when learning this game?VALikimlav81/16/2014
Whats going on ? i cant enter hero selection.KingDelita31/16/2014
People are right. Feeding gets you better items.
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I have a 50% w/l ratio. And I have 12 wins and 2 losses with Drow.Cow King71/16/2014
When you got Huskar, FaceLess, and Lycan not going after Drow,you deserve defeatAntipikachu11/16/2014
I want to get good at Phantom Assassinluigi3371/16/2014
if i play ranked with 2 people (me+1 friend) is it considered team or solo?RealTides21/15/2014
playing LoL makes me realize just how good Icefrog is at balancing
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Ever played a game with someone that said you sucked, then played against them?Conker21/15/2014
Recruitment levelRhylos41/15/2014
What's up with this influx of lol to dota converts?blackwolfLT7101/15/2014
I finally won with AM!!DeathScythe_52781/15/2014
Kunkka viable OD counter?SoyPerezoso51/15/2014
New to DOTA - please make an assesment of a recent match I had. What happened?Springer51/15/2014
WI: Phantom Assassin's Blur now decreases your hitbox size by 15%/25%/35%/45%Akutura51/15/2014
LoL player here, picking up Dota2 for the first time, have a few questions
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What other MOBAs do you Dota 2 players recommend? (Besides Dota 1)Antipikachu71/15/2014
Dota Terminology
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