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You know what I miss from Dota 1. Funny special attack spam from battlefury. (Archived)Shaphrion88/17/2013
Hey I'm brand new! A few questions. (Archived)
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How is the CK + wisp combo not insanley overpowered? (Archived)
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What's the typical win-loss ratio like for pubs? (Archived)
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DotA 2 Creation Lore (Archived)
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can you still pool sentries and sell them on other heroes? (Archived)Soul Of The Darkness48/17/2013
Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Round 39 - Storm Spirit vs Enchantress (Poll)Ifeno98/17/2013
I think this game is really easy to play (Archived)
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Anyone on here have a dragon sword? (Archived)Nailbomb48/17/2013
Kuroky is probably the weak link in Na'Vi (Archived)
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Is there a secret to.. (Archived)angelofdeath32168/17/2013
S. Breaker's Greater Bash+Battle Fury (Archived)Alr3m118/17/2013
Increase Respawn Times to Stop Leavers? (Archived)
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i cry, what is the ideal build for tusk? I felt like.... (Archived)Master_striker48/17/2013
What heroes can solo Roshan before level six? (Archived)
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What's going on with leavers lately? and why are they in my games? (Archived)geno2168/17/2013
Horrible, just horrible. (Archived)
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Black Hole seems so underwhelming (Archived)ScarletShin108/17/2013
What heroes are easiest to play muted? (Archived)_DrTre_108/17/2013
How to remove featured hero from your profile? (Archived)staticshock9038/17/2013