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WTF? at ES's new portrait... (Archived)
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Love how the new response to why you are s***. (Archived)
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Prophet jungle yes/no? (Archived)
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Remove the horn from LC's Press The Attack (Poll)NoJobBob912/17/2013
Anyone has that ice infusion for Tiny? (Archived)Nzxt_Assassin112/17/2013
Friend uses wasd to move camera (Archived)
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How does Duel work with Illusions? (Archived)Epyon Zero312/17/2013
watch these highlights of yaphets and londd against yyf and banana in a pub (Archived)SwaglockHolmes512/17/2013
Do aura effects still work during omnislash? (Archived)DeathScythe_527212/17/2013
i should have knowed better (Wisp) (Archived)TurboAE86312/17/2013
KotL's Recall (Poll)
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Normal has become hilariously bad now... (Archived)
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Ranked MM should be region locked (Archived)Iamdead7712/17/2013
Why is my MMR not increasing (Archived)SackBoi412/17/2013
AP needs to be revised or they need a new mode (like All Draft) in ranked (Archived)
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What was the Juggernaut mask in the welcoming chest? (Archived)Shibiscuit212/17/2013
Dota 2 Top Plays Weekly - Ep. 75 Hall of Fame (Archived)MoonDanceKid612/17/2013
Why do they even have ranked all pick (Archived)FoxyAreku812/17/2013
Legion Commander question...what items work on duels and what doesnt? (Archived)
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How hard is it to get into this game? (Archived)
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