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Is it me or when you preview Osky the Ottdragon, he has a lazy eye? (Archived)xHFx18/11/2013
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Probably the most legit 'E-Sport' tournament I've ever seen (Archived)therickmu2528/11/2013
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Glados announcer pack confirmed (Archived)
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Any way to keep English servers English? (Archived)ian209388/11/2013
does tidehunters dead shark head clip through his shell back? (Archived)Retro_Cuddles48/11/2013
Heroes picked/not picked at TI3. (Archived)
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I've been on the waiting list to download for a month and no email :( (Archived)Yorkster38/11/2013
Here's a nifty pic of the Dota 2 items. (Archived)SpeedDemon2068/11/2013
So some people think if Alliance wins, Kelly will take all of the money (Archived)
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If Rubick steals Morph, can you have a tanky Rubick? How much AGI does he need? (Archived)Springer68/11/2013
So, what makes naga different THIS year? How does one beat the Alliance? (Archived)
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So how do you when you're new get into the game... (Archived)blue_eagle200558/11/2013
Just went 27-0 as Pudge. 645GPM. MAN some of these hooks. (Archived)_DrTre_28/11/2013
There's no black players on the pro scene (Archived)
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What if Orange beats Navi and Alliance and win the tournament? (Archived)I_hAtE_mOnStErS88/11/2013
Ayesee doesn't deserve to cast this game (Archived)
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