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Blademail questions (Archived)
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Is a higher number for your rating good or bad? (Archived)MrJazzbo812/16/2013
What comes from the gifts from the Wraith night game (Archived)angelusalvus812/16/2013
Have two regular keys for trade, I can make you a deal ($1.80 off) (Archived)
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Can someone pls tell me which full sets have special animations? (Archived)ImAWizard712/16/2013
What was your most recent joke of a game? (Archived)
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Icefrog email hacked. (Archived)Crossfiyah312/16/2013
I think I have issues (Archived)Aiphrem412/16/2013
Anyone else use the X ping to say the enemy is here? (Archived)Akutura812/16/2013
How's Timbersaw since the Chakram nerf? (Archived)teh_hellspawn612/16/2013
russians have reached an all new low. this needs fixed like now. im fed up (Archived)Retro_Cuddles812/16/2013
Nothing better than going into an AP game and ending up wtih great team comp (Archived)Iamdead7512/16/2013
How much of your ranked info do others see? (Archived)GoodEvilAsh212/16/2013
I just got a Frozen Baby Roshan. (Archived)ss_joey419312/16/2013
Wait a minute..... (Archived)SkrallRampager212/16/2013
I can't sort my items in the armory. (Archived)acrylick42912/16/2013
Evaluate my ward b**** moves please (Archived)_DrTre_112/16/2013
Can you deny someone in a duel? (Archived)DeathScythe_527812/16/2013
How to check my old matches in game? (Archived)itsjenyoumen312/16/2013
Ok I finished placements. I just have a number though, is this number good? 4064 (Archived)thebestestbest712/16/2013
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