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Most fun hero? (Archived)
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Earthshaker with Shadow Blade and level 4 Enchant Totem is like the new Nyx (Archived)
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alright guys...let's stop the whine topics. here's how i raised my mmr 300 pts (Archived)
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Anyone know the current Wraith Night glitch? (Archived)Judgmenl212/25/2013
No Dota 2 network? (Archived)Rodrigo996412/25/2013
In the spirit of it being Christmas (Archived)NoJobBob412/25/2013
How would you even craft this? (Archived)ThePlasmaStorm912/25/2013
cool wisp trick! (Archived)blackwolfLT7512/25/2013
PSA: Think before you use force staff (Archived)_DrTre_712/25/2013
is steam store down (Archived)dragoonmike712/25/2013
I have a Logitech G700 mouse - How would you program the controls? (Archived)
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So after playing some clock games, this is what I have learned. (Archived)FeederChan112/25/2013
New to dota....what the heck is wraith night? (Archived)wonzan312/25/2013
Can anyone show me some recent Slark games in competitive Dota 2? (Archived)drkkratos512/25/2013
ITT: different item builds across different continents (Archived)
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Few thing are more satisfying... (Archived)DeathScythe_527312/25/2013
Merry Christmas Dota 2 board (Archived)Nzxt_Assassin212/25/2013
What's considered a good kda for carries? (Archived)DeathScythe_527812/25/2013
I feel like I am the bestest jugg player ever. (Archived)Shaphrion412/25/2013
How can you play captains mode solo? (Archived)ZXR_ReignSlayer1012/25/2013
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