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I would like some comments/criticims on my last 2 games (Archived)samurai goroh610/24/2013
Rubick's new agh's a "rush every game" core item? (Archived)Stanemac121010/24/2013
So what's the most optimal way to level venomancer now? (Archived)
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ITT: Give me a weird/challenge build to try in a pub match (Archived)
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PR vs. Youboat (4 necro strat + Undying + SS) (Archived)quinikk110/24/2013
Analyse my build to see weaknesses. (Archived)
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People that have been trading for a while, is trading for random rares worth it? (Archived)Ghidoran510/24/2013
Does this still happen to people? (Archived)AngelofD3th610/24/2013
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I just had the strangest team MM game of my life (Archived)Aiphrem410/24/2013
Who are Mineski, exactly? (Archived)
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Pretty sure BKB Seth is the most fun thing I've found so far (Archived)NotSnowske510/24/2013
Guys I still have doubts about mechanics and/or other stuff (Archived)Susan0610/24/2013
No gambling with deleted items? (Archived)Epyon Zero610/24/2013
6.79 is wack. (Archived)
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Death Prophet is the best pusher in the game, even before the update (Archived)
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I finally carried. (Archived)
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why does everyone feel the need to camp me middle with 3 heroes (Archived)
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Killing someone with culling blade is ALWAYS satisfying (Archived)samatash310/23/2013
how is that robot broodmother set "lore friendly"? (Archived)
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