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Did The International expose any balance issues? (Archived)
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Winning or losing, there's nothing more satisfying than a really intense game (Archived)Aiphrem98/14/2013
BETTER view of the TI3 album (Archived)iTz_SLammi68/14/2013
My strange AM head piece seems to stop tracking kills, how do I fix this? (Archived)
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CM proposal: -100 gold to the entire team to pick a banned hero (Poll)
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Are tournament replays available eventually? (Archived)Tyranius238/14/2013
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What do you think will happen if Alliance's strategies are nearly uncounterable? (Archived)
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Characters that weren't in Dota 1? (Archived)WT_Neptune48/14/2013
Getting stunned for 4 seconds, then silenced for 7 is fun. (Archived)
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Do you find playing as a hard support to be fun? (Poll)
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my unkillable bristleback items :D (Archived)
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Would being able to give any item to your allies be gamebreaking? (Archived)yamas1178/14/2013
Trading stuff from TI3 chests (Archived)
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North America Recruiting for Dota 2 Team (Archived)
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