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Playing Visage without familiars viable when you are too dumb to micro? (Archived)-x-x-x-99/27/2013
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How do I find what skill bracket I'm in please? (Archived)
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I was sceptical of the controller, but now I'm convinced it can work with Dota (Archived)MCDMars49/27/2013
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Would it kill them to release a chest with new and unique items? (Archived)Stanemac12109/27/2013
Do most high level Dota players play only a select number of heroes? (Archived)DarkBaneling79/27/2013
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Doing A-Z challenge straight thru..... (Archived)
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Dagon on BH. (Archived)
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[New] What make this game better than LoL? (Archived)
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Most heroes on screen? (Archived)ZibbieZone69/27/2013
Rate this Lane Duo! or don't, I don't really care tbh (Viper + Tidehunter) ^___^ (Poll)BS_Infinite99/27/2013
Why are there so many OP heroes in Dota 2 (Archived)CouriousLanaya59/27/2013
You know what's worse than people not buying wards? (Archived)thehelpfulgamer99/27/2013
If you had to pick the same hero 5 times who would be the best? (Archived)
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Dragonscale bugged for anyone else? (Archived)Epyon Zero29/27/2013