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Proof that highmatch making still features bot level play (Archived)
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Epyon Zero179/1/2013
Doom's silence has got to be the most annoying thing ever (Archived)
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I play all random because I only know how to play 3 heroes (Archived)dan da man49/1/2013
Is it a new thing to pause the game back to back before losing? (Archived)afireinside7844109/1/2013
Co op Bot Matches item drop disabled? (Archived)guildclaws59/1/2013
even though i rag on low mmr a lot, it's the only place you can do this: (Archived)pyrotech158889/1/2013
How come the the LoL regional is getting more viewers than TI3? (Archived)
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When pinging with Alt+G it only works once in a while now. (Archived)Conker19/1/2013
Your reaction: Sniper's shrapnel is replaced with true sight buff. (Archived)
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Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Round 54 - Windrunner vs Alchemist (Poll)Ifeno39/1/2013
So I carried with Meepo for the first time ever. (Archived)Crimson_Jesus29/1/2013
Are you undefeated with any heros? Share our records! (Archived)
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What does it take to get a new set into Dota? (Archived)DeathScythe_52788/31/2013
How can people say DotA 2 takes more skill than LoL? (Archived)
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DotA 2 is such a breath of fresh air. (Archived)
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#teamhook Nowhere to run. (Archived)killerbasa58/31/2013
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Major differences between DOTA2 and HoN/WC3 DOTA? (Archived)hawkinsd170488/31/2013
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Anybody having trouble viewing their own replays? (Archived)woolays18/31/2013