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I wish Dota 2 had a surrender button. (Archived)
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Nothing like ending your losing streak in a 71 minute game while drunk (Archived)Iamdead738/29/2013
what's the # of games I have to play to get out of vanguard weaver tier (Archived)pyrotech158848/29/2013
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Everybody picks Drow Ranger. (Archived)
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best counter to pub sb pickers (Archived)inductedtoaster108/29/2013
What do you do if an enchantress throws 3 tornados at you in mid lane? (Archived)
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Shouldn't your most successful heroes be............ (Archived)DonnyCapoEra48/29/2013
Why isn't TA hotter (Archived)
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how is the customization in this game? (Archived)Beech_tibs58/29/2013
Only one report per game matters, right? (Archived)afireinside784468/29/2013
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Is it true you can DC during the pick phase without being put in LP? (Archived)_DrTre_98/29/2013
So, uh.... what tourneys are the ones to watch now? (Archived)Earthshaker68/29/2013
I don't think the high skill bracket means anything (Archived)
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Wisp and Mag , Ursa and Wisp (Archived)Snake_Puppy78/29/2013
Gamefaqs' Guild ? (Archived)ziegszilard58/29/2013
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