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I got two of those blindbox plushies and the Crystal Maiden Demihero figurine!SpeedDemon20311/21 9:08PM
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Why is Eye of the Storm special?
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LordMordeth1311/21 6:15PM
server lag as of latelysamurai goroh811/21 4:09PM
what's lycan's strategy/playstyle now?ImAWizard611/21 2:42PM
Tried my first game as Oracle..and sucked
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Discuss the counter pick: Lich countered by Lion (Poll)Tyranius2911/21 11:05AM
Oracle is so hilariously broken
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ATTN: SwaglockHolmes! I broke 3000 MMR!
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i love how if you buy wards on lich hes likecradle_emperor911/21 8:38AM
used to play OG dota,,,played dota 2 then played league, now if i come backpsnDemon_SouL411/21 8:03AM
Which Dota 2 hero would be the weirdest Pokemon type combination?
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Crossfiyah2411/21 7:54AM
What is this number position you talk about?angelusalvus411/21 7:27AM
Does anyone have an issue playing offline since the update?Susan0411/21 6:18AM
what's the best jungle hero for a noob?
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scanlonman1611/21 6:10AM
Discuss the Synergy: Chaos Knight and Io (Poll)WarVeterinarian811/21 6:06AM
It always feel like I get ganked at the most convenient times
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Is Oracle hideously unbalanced? (Poll)Spacebar555411/20 9:57PM
Why is aghs Ogre such BS?
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