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Does 250 gold make a difference? (Archived)
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So I am just starting and I really like Viper. Tips for a noob with him? (Archived)profDEADPOOL108/12/2013
Puck's ult only canceled one TP. (Archived)
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What does Lockless Luckbox contain? (Archived)crunchy61288/12/2013
You win the game by destroying the enemy's ancient... (Archived)ImAWizard108/12/2013
Holy crap this game updates a lot. (Archived)giled_tolgra28/12/2013
Watching the worst DotA is the best part about DotA. (Archived)
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Just played with a deso dazzle (Archived)
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how did i do here? :p (Archived)
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Finally downloaded this game. I have a few questions!! (Archived)
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What damage type is the radiance burn? (Archived)call of duty98/12/2013
New player trying matchmaking (Archived)Paradoxism48/12/2013
How do you add items to the "recommended items" list on the side of the items (Archived)Marcster199448/12/2013
Best Option For Trading Items (Archived)
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Keybindings questions. Please help a noob out. (Archived)profDEADPOOL18/12/2013
ITT I fix the Doto. (Archived)
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Are there videos of the tourney games? (Archived)ragedemonz68/12/2013
Noob question - do you get any bonus (BP?) for wearing a complete set of swag? (Archived)Sir Slurpee58/12/2013
please take off your hoody (Archived)
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To all the people complaining about splitpushing... (Archived)
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