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Trading Blessings of the Solar Divine for Arc of the Solar Divine. (Archived)furygods26/2/2013
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Rate the Lane Duo, Day 7: Skywrath Mage + Clockwerk (Poll)SpeedDemon2076/2/2013
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Two things that never cease to be funny (Archived)
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(W) golden riptide. (H) make offer (Archived)XenoGranite46/2/2013
Which is the better announcer (Poll)
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if rubick steals sticky napalm will it enhance his damage like it does bat's? (Archived)XcaIIion76/1/2013
anyone notice a change in matchmaking lately (Archived)Ether_Strike46/1/2013
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6.78 is here? (Archived)
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after like 15 losses in a row i finally get to win a game and play radiant (Archived)Retro_Cuddles46/1/2013