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So did dota2bot get a 9999 charge bloodstone? (Archived)
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This game has too much unnecessary mechanics (Archived)
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so is basshunter gunna a make a song for this? (Archived)fallenangel210067/12/2013
Which 10 heroes are the most difficult to play in your opinion? (Archived)
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how long have you played dota? (incl. original dota) (Archived)
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I want to trade you my player cards (Archived)Gilder103107/12/2013
Wait what? Patch isn't live on the main client yet? (Archived)crunchy61267/12/2013
1st game as Slark (Archived)
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On average, it takes about 128 games to make one set of player cards (Archived)ThePlasmaStorm57/12/2013
Is there a good reason to use Stealth Assassin over Slark? (Archived)EnragedSlith87/11/2013
True Hero Plays (Archived)Ultima_Weapon3317/11/2013
How big is the download? (Archived)Lobomoon37/11/2013
why exactly would it be better to pick tide over magnus? (Archived)
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I like playing bristleback and drop iron branches/donkey kong bananas everywhere (Archived)woolays37/11/2013
So, as someone who played DOTA1 and LoL (Archived)Demon_Boy3097/11/2013
Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Round 3 - Treant Protector vs Enchantress (Poll)Ifeno67/11/2013
I still love doing hans2 Clinkz. (Archived)A_GameFAQs_alt57/11/2013
"GG I carried team/got fed/has good stats commend me pls" (Archived)
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Lvl? Death. (Archived)zero82987/11/2013
How should I build Rubick (Archived)BakedStuffEtc97/11/2013