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anyone else always crashing now about 20 seconds into the game? (Archived)f_ranz122417/13/2013
how lenient is the mute system now? (Archived)KingDelita37/13/2013
Got these chests that I don't want (Archived)
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How did you learn how to play this game? (Archived)
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I think I've had a spirit borker in every one of my last 10 games or so. (Archived)FoxyAreku87/13/2013
You're about to play a CM game where no one is allowed to kill other heroes (Archived)
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Why am I playing with people better than me? (Archived)Pokerkid77767/13/2013
guys, what're the player card challenges for the crab? (Archived)crunchy61297/13/2013
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Trading Player Cards (Archived)
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Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Round 4 - Pudge vs Meepo (Poll)Ifeno47/12/2013
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I have 2152 games played under about 20 different aliases. Have I played you? (Archived)
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Man, Abbadon is annoying (Archived)Marcster199497/12/2013
It's good I haven't played with you guys, right? (Archived)BlackBeetleborg77/12/2013
Anyone have build for Abbadon yet? (Archived)
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Whats the deal with disconnects? (and bots replacing them?) (Archived)nomore57/12/2013
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