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what are some really cool naix bombs? (Archived)
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Hero Discussion Day 3: Pugoona da Bloodej (Poll)
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Probably a dumb question, but anyone have a spare free invite? (Archived)Somnambulistic54/15/2013
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Just started. Tips? And a couple questions (Archived)
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Tip for knowing what skill bracket you are in. (Archived)
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Maintaining Creep Equilibrium. (Archived)LookANinja64/15/2013
Looking for New Laptop for Playing Dota2 - Need Advice and Opinions (Archived)
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After the laning phase, should I still deny creeps? (Archived)drakkus0744/15/2013
So is this not in beta anymore? (Archived)KOTRsss34/14/2013
am has lower str growth than weaver (Archived)SwaglockHolmes74/14/2013
Which position do you play? (Poll)
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Poll: Do you use the simple map icons or the hero map icons? (Poll)
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Which heroes do your pets remind you of the most? (Archived)ToolRulez34564/14/2013
Got my first unusual courier from a chest! (Archived)mahgah9154/14/2013
SICK of russian feeders (Archived)Itz_N0_M3RCY94/14/2013
Is TalkDota dead? (Archived)UltraCookie74/14/2013
Mythical items, anyone actually buying these? (Archived)LordMordeth54/14/2013
Who takes more skills to play? Meepo or Invoker? (Archived)
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Low Priority is hilarious (Archived)fbplayer106444/14/2013