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Why do people keep bringing up pro strats as if they matter for board discussion (Archived)
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Player card trading (Archived)
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I hate when my team force me in completely stupid lane. (Archived)
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remember when valve said when the game released (Archived)acesxhigh107/11/2013
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Crab walks sideways. Crab flies sideways. (Archived)ThePlasmaStorm107/11/2013
This game should be called "DotA HD" (Archived)
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always remember to hit creeps... (Archived)
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Carried to Victory :) (Archived)SkrallRampager57/11/2013
Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Round 2 - Viper vs Storm Spirit (Poll)Ifeno77/11/2013
How to batrider jungle? (Archived)zxblood37/11/2013
5 player cards from the same team for a compendium? (Archived)zxblood87/10/2013
"Baratheum is missing" (Archived)
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So now Dota2 has been officially released.... (Archived)KingDelita87/10/2013
How long does it take you to find a game? (Archived)leon_trunks77/10/2013
Daily sale is now only 50% off (Archived)ihira97/10/2013
Huskar can hit through CM's Frostbite (Archived)DZ0D297/10/2013
If a hero and a creep are on top of each other (Archived)afireinside784497/10/2013
Should I feel bad for rofl stomping noobs in Limited? (Archived)
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anyone else feel really zoomed in? (Archived)mrich52847/10/2013