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would dragon knight be instaban/pick if his strength growth is increased to 4.2? (Archived)
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stop wasting glyph of fortification! (Archived)Jlesaistu37/10/2013
Good time to get into DOTA2? (Archived)SquigglyJustice77/10/2013
Beta keys? (Archived)DefendsPandas67/10/2013
So I'm plat in league, but atrociously bad at Dota2. (Archived)Dota297/10/2013
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So what the hell is the bloodstone drop for? (Archived)anilEhilated77/10/2013
LoL has finally done what I wish Dota 2 would do; Add a black hero (Archived)
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well i'm never playing od again... (Archived)
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Why don't Dota and dotabuff match up? (Archived)DeathScythe_527107/10/2013
My 11 win streak has ended (Archived)drakkus0757/10/2013
Why is the Invoker chest more xpensive than the other hero chests? (Archived)quinikk27/10/2013
Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Round 1 - Jakiro vs Ancient Apparition (Poll)
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Do people trade treasure chests at all? (Archived)PhoenixNine67/10/2013
you can cheese your way to victory with 5 necrobooks (Archived)Evil_Evil_Evil_107/10/2013
Any UK players? (Archived)Moonsummit77/10/2013
Best junglers that can contribute ? (Archived)
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since the update, the matchmaking has been even worse (Archived)KingDelita67/10/2013
Role Question (Archived)
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