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When an opponent plays well and is a total dick about it
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I use pubstomp heroes a lot. Should I get items for them? (Poll)ScarletShin108/14 7:00PM
New mouse is automatically leveling up ability 4La_Gente_Negro38/14 6:37PM
Rework on Pugna's ult?angelusalvus98/14 6:18PM
Is Omniknight too stronk?
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Do PL's phantoms proc items/activate hit effects?ebj76758/14 5:25PM
micromanage like a boss
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steam updated and now i cant connectinductedtoaster98/14 4:47PM
So when you go for extreme global nuking with Zeus...DeathScythe_52788/14 2:23PM
You are prevented from matching for 25:XX minutes due to failing to ready-up
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Who's the hardest illusion based carry? (Poll)
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New to DotA, need a little insight
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How do I learn more about itemsscary ghost man58/14 11:02AM
Console command to control camera zoom?ratt8048/14 10:28AM
Have you ever manned up and supported yourself?
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Characters you initially hated/despised, but now really enjoy...
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Grettings, greater deities Dot2ayoushallbeasgod78/14 8:55AM
What should my skill build be as SD?YM_Smash108/14 3:55AM
How is drafting order decided in tournaments?Hylian5028/13 10:15PM
Why would you want to toggle off auras like aquilas?
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