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Stuff like this reminds me why DotA is the best in its genre (Archived)Kharn99106/9/2013
Ended up getting matched against my friends today (Archived)
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God I miss playing this game. (Archived)Dota226/9/2013
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SD mode should show what heroes your team has (Poll)
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Does treant get gold from armoring people and getting the armored guy a kill (Archived)
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Visage is hard. Randomed him twice today. (Archived)
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The New King of Bones. (Archived)blade632196/9/2013
who are your favorite casters and why? (Archived)
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weaver is one of the most fun carries in the game (Archived)Iynxor66/9/2013
Yak and Stumpy are now Immortal (Archived)
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My fiends will avenge me! (Archived)XcaIIion106/8/2013
I never get mad at no missing calls... (Archived)
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Totally unexpected... (Archived)
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How many games in a row do I have to lose to get sent back to my old bracket? (Archived)AlgernonMabus86/8/2013
Lost 9 games in a row now. (Archived)
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I lost with zeus (Archived)
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