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Just spectated a game where an Enchantress never got Untouchable until level 18 (Archived)
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How many games positive should you be? (Archived)Dota244/15/2013
Do you think you have a chance to win every match? (Poll)
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Getting people into dota (Archived)
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What if: Aghanim's applied to more heroes (Archived)
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How can peoplw say troll warlord's ult isn't overpowered? (Archived)
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Dota 2 and gambling (Archived)RealYorae64/15/2013
Dota song randomly came up on my Pandora (Archived)iTz_SLammi74/15/2013
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I'm considering buying the Dota2 GameCom 780 headset. (Archived)
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