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Im new, help me pick a hero (Archived)
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my two favorite western teams are playing guys (Archived)SwaglockHolmes47/23/2013
Valve please add this (Archived)aalnius67/23/2013
Still no Achievements? (Archived)guildclaws27/23/2013
What are the levels for? (Archived)angelusalvus47/23/2013
I had no idea Clockwerk was a support (Archived)
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Daily reminder that matchmaking is broken (Archived)Sub Tank77/23/2013
Are there any specific strategies in ban/picking in the competitive scene? (Archived)ScarletShin47/23/2013
Is the mac client horrendous for anybody else? (Archived)afireinside784427/23/2013
Why the hell does Abaddon's ult auto-cast? (Archived)
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A Few Beginner Questions, Need Help (Archived)Game__Raider47/23/2013
dota 2 player activity map not working? (Archived)tuoli17/23/2013
Anyone do much better on the Radiant side? (Archived)
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oh no..MM targeted me (Archived)tuoli47/23/2013
I like playing with my rage quitting friend. (Archived)thehelpfulgamer47/23/2013
Why do people build anything else but Radiance on Spectre? (Archived)
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PvP as a new player? (Archived)
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When randoming a hero isn't random at all... Only in bot games? (Archived)Springer87/23/2013
is there a way to not share the courier with other players? (Archived)
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Support? What's that? (Archived)
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