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Trends in DotA Hero Usage by Skill Brackets (Archived)
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When does Valve plan on releasing the Shrek skin for Pudge? (Archived)EnragedSlith43/7/2013
Is Satanic a good choice for Medusa carrying against a fed Naix? (Archived)AverageGai103/7/2013
Why can Centaur use Blade Mail? (Archived)
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Can a pro player play for two teams? (Archived)TME_Guy83/7/2013
What would you recommend? (Archived)
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Does silence go through BKB? (Archived)droid_killer63/7/2013
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Woah, when did they add the ticket thing to your dota profile? (Archived)HeroshiX223/7/2013
What heroes can really make PL's life miserable? (Archived)
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To all of those teammates that say OMG the first time someone dies in a lane.... (Archived)
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Do people want this game? (Archived)konkor33/7/2013
is there any kind of rating decay? (Archived)Formalhaut93/7/2013
EG picks a Bloodseeker against Mouz. (Archived)MoonDanceKid103/7/2013
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 roles? (Archived)AverageGai83/7/2013
Premade vs pub (Archived)
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