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Lmao. (Archived)bond2127/28/2013
Launch Que really? (Archived)
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Hows witch doctor? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Looking for Leviathan Whale Blade (Archived)d3stiny99317/28/2013
Trading Whalehook for Leviathan Whale Blade (Archived)Mezameru47/28/2013
So I unboxed a Corrupter (Archived)DZ0D267/28/2013
Anypne care to help Identify which Unusual Courier effect this is? (Archived)NewAnimeFanDV67/28/2013
Character Battle - DotA 2 Edition - Round 19 - Doom vs Templar Assassin (Poll)Ifeno57/28/2013
Linken's over BKB on Weaver when there's no Bat, Beastmaster, Doom etc.? (Archived)-x-x-x-47/28/2013
Compendium / Card questions (Archived)Cruzader61957/28/2013
Highlights count for Smeevil views, yes? (Archived)crunchy61297/28/2013
what heroes do you built Necro on? (Archived)
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I am the worst player on this board. AMA. (Archived)
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So who is your favorite pro player? (Archived)
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worth opening the treasure of international champions? (Archived)zxblood77/27/2013
Wait, Steam Uses My Email As My Profile Name? (Archived)SnakePaws87/27/2013
Bad teammates or bad calls? (Archived)OmegaFlare18107/27/2013
Just finished the tutorial (Archived)Brutal_Felix47/27/2013
Anyone wants to trade Venge talon for Hook? (Archived)itzALTA107/27/2013
The lack of equality between immortal items is so stupid... (Archived)Pokerkid777107/27/2013
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