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Low Violence Dota2 Heroes, prepare for lols (Archived)
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wow i got muted for unpausing (Archived)
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Never played any dota, lol type game before, ok to start here? (Archived)
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lag spike after selecting a hero (Archived)Retro_Cuddles45/24/2013
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i have a 52.5% win rate, how is that? (Poll)
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how am i doing so far? (Archived)Retro_Cuddles105/24/2013
I have finally reached 50% winrate on dotabuff by myself. AMA (Archived)I_hAtE_mOnStErS85/24/2013
That moment when your friends invite you to play DotA... (Archived)
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Dat level 1 Roshan (Archived)
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wow muted for a week...... (Archived)
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Wait, Reactivate Armor is only for right clicking? (Archived)Rhylos35/24/2013
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