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Do you guys think there should be more of an animation when being revealed.. (Archived)LookANinja73/22/2013
So what do the Frostivus and Diretide HUD skins look like? (Archived)Dota273/22/2013
how would one build a carry dirge? (Archived)XcaIIion93/22/2013
What kind of announcers, couriers, and other items would you like to see added? (Archived)
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Anyoe tried Doom lately? (Archived)Cruzader61973/22/2013
Are they already showing G1-season 5 qualifiers via dota tv? (Archived)FluttershyPony13/22/2013
Visage with micro management capability = same skill level as BR riki feeder (Archived)
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Feels like the towers are attacking slower. (Archived)
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Is it possible to use armlet/treads to heal? (Archived)Wii_kid_bf214253/22/2013
In your opinion, who would you say is the most boring hero in Dota? (Archived)
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Did they change what troll warlord looks like? (Archived)ThePlasmaStorm43/22/2013
AA ult and Mordiggan interaction (Archived)
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How do I morphling? (Archived)SuperTatortots73/22/2013
Best Hero starting with the letter D (Poll)
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What do you think of this line up? (Archived)ScarletShin73/22/2013
First ever Dark Seer loss.. (Archived)
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I'm terrible (Archived)lderivedx83/22/2013
Tranqs: Fixed damage detection threshold on Tranquil's heal. (Archived)Soulsend93/22/2013
Wooden Fetish Mask is the best cosmetic in the game. (Archived)
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