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So is this game released or..? (Archived)The_Bounty26/22/2013
i have a star next to my name on the screen before you pick a hero (Archived)
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I don't even.... v2.0 (Free win Version) (Archived)NewAnimeFanDV66/22/2013
That moment when you have enough HP regen to leave Armlet on... (Archived)
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Whats the key to select controlled units? (Archived)refmon66/22/2013
I am fed up (Archived)
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"sorry guys im drunk xd" (Archived)
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How did treant protector's win rate skyrocket all of a sudden? (Archived)blackmagus596/22/2013
why can i only play in bot matches? (Archived)timsuesea76/22/2013
It sucks that AP is so bad. (Archived)
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Ways to hit big Medusa ults. (Archived)xXfireglzXx26/22/2013
Rox.Kis.Solo betting scandal. Received lifetime ban from Starladder. (Archived)
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Every team gets to start the game with 1 item, what item do you pick? (Archived)
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Heat-Seeking Missiles don't target units in ghost form (Archived)BakedStuffEtc56/22/2013
Why are people more willing to work together in solo queue than regular? (Archived)CouriousLanaya86/22/2013
DC of the Ancients... (Archived)thehelpfulgamer16/22/2013
Where does D2l upload their VODs? (Archived)LookANinja46/22/2013
I must always play support... (Archived)
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But seriously, Dota 2 is going to not need keys anymore (Archived)Rhylos66/22/2013
Na'vi VS Fnatic (Dendi Pudge) (Archived)
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