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Give the guy above advise on how to play the hero he finds most difficult. (Archived)
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any characters like a mage from wow? (Archived)
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People who say GG before the game is over need to uninstall (Archived)
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Na'Vi picks Bristleback. Fnatic responds with Treant Protector. (Archived)
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I live in England, is the TI Compendium worth getting to watch games (timezone) (Archived)sk00p85/8/2013
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who is the largest ham in dota? (Archived)
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I seriously wonder about some of the people that play Dota sometimes (Archived)
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Need people to team up to get wins (Archived)KingDelita65/8/2013
eg 2-0ed na'vi today guys (Archived)
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Well, now i know why batrider is amazing (Archived)
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BS is complete BS (Archived)
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I would rather not having another winning streak if.... (Archived)DonnyCapoEra35/8/2013
So someone mind telling me how DS is supposed to win lane against Troll (Archived)
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