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If Juggs uses Manta Style while spinning, what happens? (Archived)
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Is aghs jugg ever worth it? (Archived)
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My friend a LoL player, make funny statement, but he is right (about hero) (Archived)
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OK so how does random gold work? (Archived)N1GHTS74/1/2013
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What changes to blink and force staff would make shadow blade less popular? (Archived)
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Invoker skilling, do you... (Archived)ScarletShin74/1/2013
Who is the hardest carry in the game? (Archived)
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Dota 2 in need of a mercenary mode (Archived)Charismachine94/1/2013
i have fun playing nyx, getting a high kill count, instakilling the unsuspecting (Archived)
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Heroes on which Refresher is unorthodox, but fun. (Archived)
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Playing a rescue wisp is fun. (Archived)SuperTatortots104/1/2013
So how long til Valve make slark a viable pick (Archived)
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Best way to trade items? (Archived)captainsqually44/1/2013
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I have a rare omni night hammer. Hammer of Holy Words. (Archived)F1areaGaman64/1/2013
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