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3 years ago#1
I want to get some achievements for online co-op..

(Just getting achievements though)

Message me...

I need 4 people!

Anyone interested!!!
3 years ago#2
ill play
PSN: StoneChronic
3 years ago#3
I'm up for it. Message Drunken Deity or send me a friend request.
"Attention people of Earth: there are some things lawsuits can't remedy. That is all." -- missmez
3 years ago#4
Ok awesome, sorry it took so long to reply, i was really busy.
3 years ago#5
Add me. Beasthunt

I'm lvl 50 with crappy guns. I need some insane action. It's hard to find ganesh running insane.
Gamertag: Beasthunt, PSN: Beasthunt.
Acts 2:38
3 years ago#6
im usually available to play GT BBanks707
3 years ago#7
Just got the game tonight but if anyone is still interested in some co-op feel free to add me. GT in sig
Gamertag: killosopher
PSN: antja
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