Anybody want to share "Amazing" Game Combinations (genre+theme)?

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6 years ago#1
All I've got is (action+ninja) and (life+animal).
I would really appreciate more :)
6 years ago#2
It's based off actual games, just think about it a bit

Shooter+Spy = splinter cell etc
Adventure+Mushroom = mario
Motion+Fitness = wii fitness
Adventure+Horror = RE/sh
Simulation+Animal = pokemon
Simulation+Lawyer = phoenix wright
6 years ago#3
Thank You
and I got another one, (simulation+game co.)
6 years ago#4
Shooter+Robots = Halo
6 years ago#5
I got to the 20th year and I didn't seen half of the stuff YellowViolent said D:

Still, these are the ones I've got on my second play:


Not Bad:
Audio Novel+ Mystery

I recall from my first play that Simulation goes fine with Samurai, but I'm not that sure...
6 years ago#6
Online Sim+Game Co
6 years ago#7
Got another one.

6 years ago#8
Action RPG+ Hunting = Monster Hunter. ( this combo gave me my largest units to date: 64mil!!!!!)
Life+Swimsuit = those shameless DOA boob games (53mill units)
OnlineSim + Architecture = sim city (50+ mill average units)

Those were my cash cows, all were made on my in house console, with a completely maxed out workforce ( by the end, my yearly salary to all my employees was $189mill, lol!)
6 years ago#9
.....I'm aware that Life+swimsuit comes up as "nothing", but I mentioned it just because for whatever reason it gave me crazy unit sales
6 years ago#10
...oh yeah....
Simulation + Train = all those train sims that Japan loves so bad!

...okay, I'm done now....for reals....
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