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Anyone Else Surprised They Didn't Use . . *SPOILERS*
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-Laughs,begins to slowclap- *The Ending, Kudos and "Holy Plot Holes , Batman!"*
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ReignOfDestiny319/20 9:57AM
Oh, Capcom *END GAME SPOILERS*TheZuperHero19/20 9:39AM
I just started the game, Espella is so cute.nayr62649/20 9:23AM
Confused about the first two testimony of the first Witch trial (Spoilers)Scarlet-PE79/20 8:58AM
Unresolved things...*SPOILER*hero_of_justice69/20 8:56AM
Missable Hint CoinsReignOfDestiny29/20 8:54AM
Going back for missed puzzlesCaptAwesome929/20 6:52AM
I can't be the only one who [minor ending spoilers]Arcaness29/19 10:57PM
Was I the only one... [SPOILERS]
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MagusNotFrog129/19 2:10PM
I'm loving these Special EpisodesNatwaf_akidna19/19 8:29AM
I'm in the US and I only have 5 DLCs. Am I missing any or do I have to wait?testing22379/19 6:37AM
Ok WTF! (Serious End Spoiler Warning)
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Should I play the Layton series chronologically or by release?
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The game was kind of short
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Questions after finishing the game (SPOILERS)Halladay3289/18 2:09PM
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Puzzle 26 was confusing to me...I feel stupid *spoilers*
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Olivia Aldente is hot.wariude69/17 7:21PM
The best part about the ending *SPOILERS*
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