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Enjoying this game but the chapter 4 ending was so dumb!!! (Chapter 4 spoilers)HHH is the game37/3 1:04AM
man layton looks really good in this game(graphic wise)RealTides26/30 12:11AM
Is this worth playing if I don't particularly care for the Phoenix Wright games?JurassicBond46/27 5:55AM
Just played both prologues and really enjoying this game so far!! (intro spoilerHHH is the game56/25 5:08PM
You know, one of my favorite details in this game's dialogue... (SPOILERS)georgethecow426/23 3:22PM
It's interesting just how glorified Professor Layton is. (SPOILERS)Lord_Carlisle86/5 4:02AM
You know what would have been cool? (SPOILERS) (Archived)Link48476/1 3:42PM
Would you ship MayaXLuke? (Archived)Giratena200845/30 6:07AM
Do i need to play the previous games to understand this (Archived)turawn6435/29 7:43AM
The Setting of a Game In Terms of AA? (Archived)cemyildirim3355/27 12:55PM
is there a stepladder joke? (Archived)TastyPancakez45/21 4:45PM
Probably the biggest plot hole about the ending... (SPOILERS, obviously) (Archived)Link48465/18 6:57PM
Post-Game unlockables (Archived)NoChanceInHell15/17 11:58PM
a question regarding the hint coins (Archived)bararad1345/14 1:38PM
When you really think about it... (SPOILERS) (Archived)Mcbasilrocks95/8 3:15PM
*SPOILERS* Something doesn't add up(?) (Archived)Mokitor65/8 3:10PM
Just about to start the second part of the fourth trial...*spoilers* (Archived)Haste_2105/3 9:59AM
So how did all those things happen in the beginning (SPOILERS) (Archived)crayola55535/3 9:15AM
I feel so bad for Eve right now. *SPOILERS* (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz45/1 1:56PM
Do we have ages for the characters? (Spoilers) (Archived)BaaPuff74/27 2:46AM
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