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Is the text speed really awful?ahoujed38/19 3:30AM
Will this game be avilaible for download on eshop?
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That group of witnesses in the last trial was awesome (Spoilers)AwesomeChair18/18 1:04AM
*Special Episode 11 spoilers*
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Is there a good amount of actual interaction between Layton and Phoenix?Drizzy_Drizake48/16 6:48AM
Remember to get a good pair of headphones ready for this game.
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Wil there also be the japanese voice track with this release?okamhunite48/14 8:49AM
Does this spoil the Layton games?spealfan44438/12 8:19AM
Just completed the game, a few questionsMisterCerberus98/11 9:45AM
Why Not Carmen Sandiego?Outsider1220108/10 4:13AM
Yesterday's new Special Episode is one of my favorites so far.NeoNewJocosity98/9 12:33PM
Wh-whaaaaaaat? *spoilers*swfc_dan48/9 12:31PM
Does anyone know of this games stock/shipment estimate?Skyminxyz88/9 2:13AM
Do I need to play the Phoenix Wright games?occono78/3 3:09PM
Do I need to play...iam4lsi298/2 3:24PM
Are Phoenix and Maya a couple? (Archived)
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Just two simple and probably common questions. (Archived)ArcticPlague37/19 11:50AM
Played Phoenix Wright but not any of the professor Layton games (Archived)kokobeng1000077/19 5:54AM
Which previous games should we play first? (Archived)
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PLxAA predicted the future :O *spoilers* (Archived)NeoNewJocosity37/15 10:18AM