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Voice acting makes my ears bleed...
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Rank the 5 main characters by how much you enjoyed them. *SPOILERS*
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Uriel19882011/19 3:38PM
Last bonus feature released today, the game is as complete as it will get.
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NegaManEXE1711/19 5:04AM
I feel so stupid for letting Kotaku cause me to hesitant on this game.DingoEnderZOE2111/19 1:22AM
Rate the end-game revelations (probable SPOILERS) (Poll)
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Massive spoilers Good things to note in the epilogue.SerperiorThanU611/17 3:56AM
Do you lose anything if Puzzles are sent to Ridelle?JadeWind311/16 6:04PM
Well finally finished it, some questions (spoilers)Geminia999211/14 10:53PM
Thank god (3rd trial aka chapter 4 spoilers)
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SerperiorThanU1111/14 7:00PM
Is there more to it than this? (spoiler up to Chapter 3)Solid Sonic411/14 3:49PM
Who's point of view is the game based around- who's the main character/s? *Spoliswfc_dan1011/14 10:43AM
Is there an alternate guilty sequence for... (big spoilers)
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Layton and Phoenix should have been terrified of this ending (endgame spoilers)
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Is this game worth playing?
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HeroicSomaCruz2111/11 8:40PM
What is up with the 1st puzzle?rexcomplex611/11 9:36AM
Ending Questions (HUGE SPOILERS)ironluffy711/11 9:26AM
Longtime AA fan, just finished the game. [Spoilers for PL games and this game]drewtwo99311/11 8:55AM
Those foreign female accents are really sexyitachi134311/10 11:19AM
Professor Layton Compilation?fhqwhgads7926211/6 5:36PM
Another potential combination between Capcom and Level-5 could be ....XmortalX211/5 1:07PM