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5 years ago#1
You need Tempura to make it which I think comes from a frying pan recipe from Sierra. It's been a while so I'm not too sure.

But if you're just trying to raise Mikoto's FP, Dried/Salted any fish (even squid) is much easier. You only need a fish and a frying pan.


Could I get more information on this?

*Like if indeed Sierra gives the recipe, what steps do I need to take to get that recipe?
5 years ago#2
5 years ago#3
:( I'm just asking if anyone knows how to get the recipe for Tempura Udon (Tempura Bowl)!
5 years ago#4
It's hard to tell. When you get recipes from someone, the game refers to them as ____ Recipe Lv. (1/2/3/S). It doesn't actually tell you what you can make now with the recipe. Even checking your recipes in the bookshelf doesn't help. It's basically a guessing game unless you've been writing everything down.
5 years ago#5
:/ that's a bummer. I just don't know who to focus on for more cooking recipes...

Odette cooks.
Sierra was rumored to give you that recipe.
And other forums say to get them from Maerawen.
5 years ago#6
If it helps any Tempura is a Lv. 75 cooking recipe and Tempura Bowl is Lv. 83. With levels that high, they're probably late FP level requests.

I'd try Odette for the pan recipe and Maerwen for the pot.
5 years ago#7
I think I have the exact details now. Tempura Bowl is a lvl 83 bowl, so it's probably Pot recipe lvl 3 or S. You both of those from completing the Maerwen's requests at lvl 3 friendship, which are rather easy may I add. She pretty much loves all flowers, so her FP is really easy to get up too.
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5 years ago#8

Now I'll never get Mikoto to suck my ... I mean LOVE ME!!!

Thanks for that info, guess I'll give the Tempura a rest since my cooking level is like 14...
5 years ago#9

I did a request from Odette. She wanted me to pick up something from the general store and deliver it to her while she's at the Inn. After that she gave me pancakes and level 2 frying pan recipes!!

I got the level 3 frying pan recipes from Maerwin. When I did the request that involved giving her 2 iron and 1 insect jaw!!!

Tempura has been found! <3
5 years ago#10
That's odd, I just did that quest for Maerwin and didn't get the recipes...
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