Can't seem to get the Winter Island unpetrified

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5 years ago#1
Hey folks!

Did a quick search for 'Winter Island' and all of the results concern only FINDING the island. I'm having a different problem. I read through here fairly frequently and haven't come across anyone else mentioning this, but in the event that I am repeated something that's already answered, here's me apologizing ahead of time: sorry for troubling you! n_n;

Anyway, I've had the Winter Island raised for a while now, and befriended some big troll guys right away so I could get to work on it (the ones that have ores listed as their monster ability, so I'm certain I've got the right monsters). However, I can't move them from my barn to the island, and the reason for this, I'm nearly sure, is that I haven't "unpetrified" the island yet. Now that's where my problem lies - I can't seem to unpetrify the place, even after I've dumped a dozen spirits on it!

My restoration percentage for the Winter Island is 13%. While this isn't a terribly high number, it's a lot higher than the Spring Island was when it was unpetrified, which took only a couple of spirits.

Does the Winter Island just take a higher restoration percentage before you can start using it? Does anyone know what that percentage is, so I can give myself a goal to work up to? Is there some other, totally unrelated, simple thing that I've just overlooked?

Thanks for any help you can offer! :D
5 years ago#2
It doesn't unpetrify till around 20%, just keep dumping spirits in it it'll eventually go.
5 years ago#3
I believe the Winter island needs to be at 20% before you can begin using it.
5 years ago#4
YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME with your super speedy answers. <3

That's precisely all I needed to know! Thanks so much!

Now I just need to hoard those spirits! It's tough when traveling between islands takes so much time, and you get only a few at a time, and then only every few days. o_o While this is a little off the topic I originally meant for this thread to be, does anyone have tips on getting a lot of (or, you know, just more than a few) spirits fairly quickly?
5 years ago#5
There' s a decent run you can do to the first island you got, 3 logs there, shrine island has 2 logs, and the earth temple has 2 crystals on the first floor. That's generally what I do when I need more spirits.
5 years ago#6
^ Awesome tip, will definitely keep that in mind when I'm back in that area. Right now currently situated at the Fire Spirit Shrine dungeon. Hopefully I'll find enough spirits in there to finally get the Winter Island working, since I don't think I'll be leaving here any time soon. XD

Thanks again!
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  3. Can't seem to get the Winter Island unpetrified

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