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5 years ago#1
So you can't get married until you beat the game? What is the point? You have already beat the game at that point.
5 years ago#2
What do you mean 'what's the point'?
Rune Factory games never end. The main story is only half of the things you can do. Even after the credits roll, there is still: getting all of the marraige candidates up to 10 hearts and seeing all of their events; doing all of the remaining requests (of which there are at least a couple of dozen); clearing the coliseum; raising all of the remaining temporary islands; completing your item and monster lists; getting all of the trophies; actually getting married; having a child; and last, but by no means least, just enjoying day to day life, in true Harvest Moon fashion.
5 years ago#3
Oh, and I almost forgot, actually separating Aden and Sonja. This doesn't happen till after you 'beat the game', and even then you still have to work for it.
5 years ago#4
There is still plenty to do, beating a game is most definitely not completing it.


Most of the reason behind it is the fact that you can't separate Sonia until end-game. Thus, if you had Azel marry, and then you played as Sonia.. well, it would be weird. Thus they have to make you marry after you've chosen who you will play as.
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5 years ago#5
Yeah after the dungeons are beat the game is pretty much over for me. Have tried 3 different harvest moons, and hated them. I like the harvest moon aspect to a point, but hate raising FPs. Besides you should already have the best gear available when you beat the game. I mean I had the 94 katana before the flame shrine. Pretty much just went up to the boss and whacked on him for 30 seconds while he hit me for 8-12 damage while taking 300 a swing from me. Any piece of gear that can be made without a small crystal will be equipped before I even start the water shrine.

Too bad the flame shrine boss looked like he was designed well with some fun attacks, but he was a joke, and if you eat some fire res food like fried rice he can't dent you. I guess for me I am not interested in seeing events, or really doing anything once I have completed all the dungeons, and I am geared out.

Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything that would be fun for me. Got married in RFF, but never had a kid because by that time the farm was fully functional, and no bosses left to beat. I don't like just harvesting, and doing the fluff stuff. I like the fact that the fluff stuff is built in to advance the story, but once that story runs out it really becomes harvest moon.
5 years ago#6
It doesn't really just become Harvest Moon after completing the story.
For starters, the characters are all far better than in the Harvest Moon games (which is ironic, really). Also, there are still requests to do, new islands to explore, the coliseum to complete, the further weapons, equipment, etc. to make (although I understand that this last one doesn't really apply to you, since you're grossly overleveled in pretty much all of your different levels).

Might I suggest that if all you really like is the fighting/exploring elements to the game, and don't particularly enjoy the characterisation and interaction, and all of the 'Harvest Moon' elements (farming, monster care, fishing, etc.) then you are perhaps playing the wrong game?
5 years ago#7
^ Wanted to point that out myself. If you don't like the HM aspects, why play RF? There are plenty of better RPGs for sure.

Also, how you somehow hate the FP system, yet raised the villagers enough to go and get most of the recipes before the Fire Shrine is beyond me. It also means you were taking it rather slow, which of course, isn't a bad thing...
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5 years ago#8
Bananaslurpees posted...
^ Wanted to point that out myself. If you don't like the HM aspects, why play RF? There are plenty of better RPGs for sure.

Also, how you somehow hate the FP system, yet raised the villagers enough to go and get most of the recipes before the Fire Shrine is beyond me. It also means you were taking it rather slow, which of course, isn't a bad thing...

Well in RFF I just tried to do the dungeons and neglect a lot of other stuff, but then wasn't able to get everything I needed to progress. At that point I spent days at a time just raising FP in RFF, and doing all the stuff I was supposed to be doing the whole time.

So I made my routine in this game.
6am brush all pets, replant any spots, chop trees, break rocks
8am talk to all villagers, and give all girls gifts eventually this got to be everyone which is why some are behind
12pm start any new requests
6pm dungeon until midnight

On many days I wound up doing random crafting or fishing stuff which dropped my dungeon time down to about 3 game hours.

Stocked up heavy at Joes shop on the 19th, and got some platinum in the lottery. Leveled my blacksmithing to level 74 to craft the level 94 katana. At this point I was just naturally on the flame shrine which was super easy. More annoying with all the switches, but having the staff with the speed rune helps.

I don't think I am a high level, maybe level 16 but my gear is pretty outrageous. Will definitely check out any other islands and the coliseum, but after you are married it takes seasons to have a kid and have it raised, and there just isn't the content to keep me playing that long.

I realized that in RFF I could get a girl to 10 FP in the first season, which was what I was hoping to do hear, that way my character could be married while I played the story. Also in RFF I remember trying to get level 10 items to make level 10 gear, but they got rid of that aspect.

I like the hybrid aspect of this game, but I just wish it had a deeper crafting/farming system and made relationships something that kind of just happens as you progress, and then have a ton of end game content.
5 years ago#9
Well there is a ton of end game content still, in the fact that you can still stat/skill cap, coliseum, catch defeat each monsters/etc.

As for the releationships thing, I kind of figured something like that. I find it odd that you went through the trouble to give gifts though, as people who "dislike" the raising FP usually wouldn't give a damn about the villagers, otherwise they wouldn't care about FP.

The fire shrine shouldn't take you as long as Summer 19th though, which is why I was mostly confused, I got to it within my first week on my second game, and within 2 on my first. Do take note I talk to villagers, get monsters, etc. I think it's dumb not to talk to characters each day.

Of course, the crafting thing doesn't surprise, since I capped all the craft skills day 5.

Anyways, I can kind of understand what it's like to roflstomp the bosses, because, either way, they are made incredibly easy, since I beat the first one at level 4 and just stayed in front of him casting magic the whole time. Hell his whirlwind attack was a joke.

So no, don't expect to have trouble for the entirety of the rest of the game until the coliseum, I know there you will almost certainly die before finishing it. If you don't, mad props to you.
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5 years ago#10
I also do like building all the high end weapons and playing around with them. In RFF all the staffs but the first fire rod sucked. I am hoping that isn't the same case here, but after reading the descriptions I fear it will. They made the fire rod BETTER in this game with the auto honing in on monsters. It was already overpowered when you had to aim it.

I will probably raise all the FPs to 10 because by that time I will have the 9 point gifts for everyone. I have many of of them now already. I also wasted a lot of time going to islands collecting runeys because I wanted to level my islands to 100%, but I still haven't found a way to get them at a really fast rate.

Also will play with all the rune abilities, and see what kind of damage I can do with a magic attack up set. I really do want to try the cursed ring and make a +dark attack set, and see what that is like, so I certainly will do many more things, but I was hoping to be married by fall. I realized my FP wasn't going past 6, and just couldn't figure it out. Guess there was no point in raising any faster than others since I will have my pick when I can actually marry.

I also really wish these games would either make money harder to get, or more stuff to use it on especially house/crafting upgrades. Leveling crafting/making money is a joke in both games once you get experience if you are smart about it. I feel like they didn't test the games enough, and the crafting system is easily abused or would be really difficult if you did it legit. Nothing is fun about making the same item over and over for an hour. Lots of room for improvement, but both are great games.

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