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Character Stats and synergy assists (Archived)aldazo111/4 11:58AM
Synergy Attacks question (Archived)aldazo211/4 11:14AM
Custom Game - Battle Mode (Archived)aldazo110/31 2:47PM
wish they would of added online to this. (Archived)DJPLACE34/14/2014
I can't believe Ed Edd and Eddy are not in this game... (Archived)Runesamurai13/18/2014
I'm thinking about getting this game but I just have one question (Archived)Runesamurai33/14/2014
Characters that need to be playable in the sequel. (Archived)Littlejeffery12/12/2013
cartoon network dream roster (Archived)nahongo210/11/2012
max points or tokens or whatever (Archived)pedro4518/16/2012
Adventure Time DLC? (Archived)kenjiharimaCU26/30/2012
the top ten biggest idiots in cartoon history who made my childhood worth it (Archived)noblefatass34/30/2012
Is there really supposed to be no voice acting? (Archived)CofD21/24/2012
Platinum? (Archived)JStein0222212/31/2011
Jake and Finn for DLC (Archived)
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Do you believe this game deserves a sequal? (Archived)
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gameplay wise, is this better than the 3DS version? (Archived)knightmarelink1012/8/2011
Johnny Bravo... (Archived)fuzzylittlbunny311/30/2011
Differences Between Versions (Archived)JustStoppingBy511/27/2011
I know it's a Smash Bros. clone, but... (Archived)pipo_snake_jc3511/26/2011
Will this game have online? (Archived)
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