the top ten biggest idiots in cartoon history who made my childhood worth it

#1noblefatassPosted 4/28/2012 3:51:06 PM
Hey it's me local, friendly, resident noblefatass, bringing to you the users the top ten biggest cartoon morons who not only cemented my childhood but actually made it less boring! ^^ Anyway, I'm making this list to truly show my appreciation to the guys and girls that made me laugh, love, hate, and most of all : FEEL!!! The list is going to have characters from both Nick and Cartoon Network and trust me when I say there are too many that should be on it, but alas, we must settle for only ten. Anyway, so just humor me and try to guess who's kicking off at number 10 by tomorrow, if you guess right you get a cookie you'll
have to email me though and let me know how to give you one lol. Thanks for listening:-)
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Right, as I expected no one anwsered but still at least that means I get to say who's : NUMBER 10!! Is dog from catdog
yes for those of you whom do not know I'll make it short and sweet, catdog is a mediocre cartoon show that kicked off in the new millenia, starring you guessed it a cat and a dog stuck together anyway dog is number 10 on the list, because of his pi**poor
attention and comprehension skills. The braindead, inbr*d, pathetic excuse for a canine could not understand the simplest of things and EVEN when he did it was usually at the wrong time. He also would mindlessly run at anything shiny while screaming
HI-HO-DIGITY, also while brutally dragging cat along the way and having his face smack painfully on the pavement.

Note: he's not higher on the list due to him not coming from a better show, when a character is stupid their also spposed to give you a reason to care, but let's be honest does anyone out there truly care enough about catdog to continue watching it despite it's obvious flaws? no? Me neither. I'll be here all day since it's the weekend and all so try to guess the number 9 by 3:30 pm k
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Hey people, noblefatass here, I'm putting the list on hold for now. I'm going to have to find people who actually give a damn,
till then cheers, by the way anyone who can guess who number 9 is at anytime during the post pone gets a cookie, so know
somebody might start caring by then.