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Why no Cel Shaded (Archived)J_K_GUNS35/12/2011
So many characters that COULD be in... (Archived)Nanabobo105/9/2011
quick question (Archived)darthmaulik35/8/2011
1 reason this game is a must own... (Archived)snakebliskin55/7/2011
2 secret characters? (Archived)spiderspud00725/7/2011
Release Date Pushed Back. Bummer? (Archived)snakebliskin35/7/2011
Finn and jake need to be unlockables (Archived)
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I hope this game is good, not just to be good, but so we can get sequels too... (Archived)NamekianClown44/26/2011
Wait for the reviews (Archived)JayceMJ74/22/2011
So how many playable character? Spoilers (Archived)crazy4kh374/21/2011
Octus from Sym Bionic Titan needs to be in here. (Archived)FelixWrong44/19/2011
Cow and Chicken should be in this in some way (Archived)Supersonichalo724/17/2011
Ok, if you're not going to use the original voice actors..... (Archived)
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This game needs characters from... (Archived)Super Slash84/13/2011
While I'm really happy to see older characters in this...... (Archived)Ragiroth34/10/2011
Final 3DS Character Roster (Archived)
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As cool as the idea for this is, let's be honest here... (Archived)DarkECOJak54/9/2011
Assist character list? (Archived)JDogII54/8/2011
NO online play? (Archived)J-ni1134/8/2011
Let's hope this evolves into our Jump Super/Ultimate Stars (Archived)ZombiePikmin84/6/2011
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