Column Combo 'Trick'

#1Missile129Posted 3/6/2011 4:08:17 AM
The Gambler and Ice Breaker are the last two badges I need, but I can't for the life of me get 15 column combos. My highest is 14 and I very rarely get above 10. I've been playing Ice Storm non-stop for seemingly ages... so today I ran over to YouTube looking for some advice.

And now I'm proudly sat here with the Platinum Ice Breaker badge under my belt. What's the secret? A new control scheme! You can see it in action here:

some of you probably already know this, but I've only just discovered it lol =P

Instead of using the regular click + drag or click + click methods to swap gems, you simply move your cursor over the target gem (you don't even need to click) and use WASD to set the direction of the swap. Personally, I notice a a massive difference; the number of swaps you can make between vertical matches without losing your column combo pretty much quadruples! On my first 5 runs of this new method I made 12, 13, 12, 14 and 11 column combos. On my 6th attempt I finally broke the 15th. Fluke? Probably, but for all of you stuck on this badge I strongly recommend you try this.If worst comes to the worst, button mash WASD while frantically moving your mouse about :D Anyway, I'm off to make some Flushes - Good luck! :)
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