List of Challenge Awards *possible spoilers*

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User Info: KainVermillion

5 years ago#1
Finished all the challenges on Insane finally so I figured I'd post the rewards in case anyone was curious or had a particular class they wanted to farm weapons for. Medium and Hard give the same rewards and though I can't say for all of them I did 4 challenges on Easy and none gave a reward so I'm assuming that's the case for all of them. The Insane rewards I'm certain are accurate, the Medium/Hard were mostly done off memory so 1 or 2 might be wrong, if they are, please inform me while there's still time to edit the post.

No Towers Allowed:
Medium/Hard - Defense Reconstructor (Apprentice)
Insane - Mobile Moxie (Squire)

Unlikely Allies:
Medium/Hard - Ogre Safety Razor (Squire)
Insane - Ogre's Childhood Toy (Monk)

Warping Core:
Medium/Hard - Warp Stabilizer (Monk)
Insane: - Crystal Tracker (Huntress)

Raining Goblins:
Medium/Hard - Dancing Cavalier (Huntress)
Insane - Goblin Overlord's Charge (Apprentice)

Medium/Hard - Staff of the High Archwizard (Apprentice)
Insane - Heretic (Squire)

Ogre Crush:
Medium/Hard - The High Five (Squire)
Insane - Ogre Party Hat (Monk)

Zippy Terror:
Medium/Hard - Wick Cutter (Monk)
Insane - Kobold Dowser (Huntress)

Medium/Hard - The Incubator (Huntress)
Insane - Chaunticleer's Chandelier (Apprentice)

Moving Core:
Medium/Hard - Perpetual Motion (Apprentice)
Insane - Quiescence (Squire)

Death From Above:
Medium/Hard - Sky Reaper (Monk)
Insane - The Pinioneer (Squire)

Medium/Hard - The Aggressor (Monk)
Insane - Blasticus (Huntress)

Treasure Hunt:
Medium/Hard - Knox Bow (Huntress)
Insane - Shambhala Ley Staff (Apprentice)

Monster Fest:
Medium/Hard - Spirit Champion's Mage Blade (Apprentice)
Insane - Magina's Last Glaive (Monk)
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User Info: Jo_Slim

5 years ago#2
I swear I've seen your name on other forums but glad to see you're on xbl as well as PSN. Not IRS your name above mine on leaderboards :)

Good thread my good man.

Not sure but you may be able to put this up as unlockables in the cheats section if you wanted.
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User Info: JRodslegend

5 years ago#3
Yes, definitely want to add this to the wiki as well

User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
5 years ago#4
Being single is a balance between loneliness and happiness. You're lonely right before going to sleep and happy the rest of the day...
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