Anyone meet a little grandmother with a big stick???

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4 years ago#1
On Jan 13 - 14 2013. Between 9 pm and 1 am CST. I noticed my online wins before I started playing was 45. After was 55. Did anyone on this board meet a short grandmother? This play through was the only time that I have used the grandmother (spanning multiple daze). I thought it would be funny to have her invade someones world. The three weapons on my character were Big Stick (a spear which in the last hour of play became unbreakable) with Big Shot x3, Life || Death ( a katana) with Life & Death x3 (name appears as Life _ _ Death), and No Whammies (a spear) with Midas x3. I typically had the Big Stick equipped unless I was kicking bodies to get big bucks and forgot to switch back before moving to the next location. I don't plan on using the grandmother again, so I am curious if any one found her. If so and you killed her, which weapon did she have?


4 years ago#2
I may have. I remember fighting an old woman. Not sure if it was you though. I was pretty surprised when I was hunting the invader and an old lady walked up to me with a weapon drawn. You should be able to check in your records menu from the main screen who you've fought and who won, even if it's from other player's games.
4 years ago#3
My Online Record only mentions three for that time frame:

theminstre's has been bested.
passed by. (Literally no name)
dukeofdeath has been bested.

I have a lot of the " passed by entries". An idea what weapon you got??? I only used the three that I mentioned in my first post. My Life _ _ Death sword may not say my name on it. I created it before I started playing online and it is one of the two swords that are not watermarked. My PSN name is EtrNLfrOWN and the name that I use on WoS is EtrNL. I am not sure which it will show as. Also I noticed that I typically get invaded by the same characters during different games so if you see me now I look like the incredible hulk.
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  3. Anyone meet a little grandmother with a big stick???

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