Oh for the love of....I am officially never nightcrawling Laura....

#1Chr0noidPosted 1/22/2013 5:47:40 PM
This is currently my 6th attempt to do this but to no avail. I did all the consulate missions up to day 2 but before I'm able to max out the homeless guy missions by going to the magistrate's office, it says TARGET NOT PRESENT.

So basically I had to sleep for one time period, therefore skipping the time window when I am able to nightcrawl her. So by the time I killed about 200 consulates and got the mysterious key, I'm not able to use said key. URGH!! Can anyone offer a step by step tutorial on how to do this without screwing up? I've searched the FAQs and this board but all I've seen are disjointed, vague descriptions of how to do so.
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#2Zyx-WhitewindPosted 1/22/2013 10:32:51 PM
You dont need to do any missions for this I think. Just do all the events for the forigners and avoid events that make them angry until you get the dumpling scene and get the hand holding event afterwards. Then go to the lost and found and buy the key.

At night go past JJ, unlock the door. Go back out and save. Dont go in until you save.

Go to the door, do the nightcrawel and get the event with the salior. Leave the town by boat and dont save. Reload the game again and do it again. The second time should be Laura.

Going by memory and did this a long time ago so I hope I didnt forget anything.
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#3SogeBarnumPosted 1/22/2013 10:41:50 PM
Yeah, you don't need to do any missions.

Simply follow the Foreigner path (and be kind to Laura. Couldn't hurt) and you should be able to get the key from the Lost & Found guy at night, the day you need to get Medicine for her.

When entering the Consulate building, approach from the right side. If you get too close to J.J. (he's standing right outside the gate to the left) you'll start an event with him. You want to avoid that.

Enter the Consulate building, go up to Laura's room and unlock the door. Then go back out (avoiding J.J.) and save your game. Now return to Laura's room and enter. If the Nightcrawl tutorial box pops up, then that's a sign that Laura is in her bed waiting for you. If it does not pop up, then that means Laura won't be there. Reload your game and enter the room again until the Nightcrawl box pops up.

The rest is the same as any Nightcrawl mission. Find the correct bed, have some sexy fun time without losing your steam, then reap the rewards.
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Unbelievable....fighting all those clean samurai....for nothing!

*rocks back and forth*
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Such is life in Amihama...