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Marine Hat Accessory - Hot to get? (Archived)rsp121829/26 5:26AM
Ideas for next way of samurai( I go forward to Spike Devs) (Archived)duredure2539/26 3:19AM
Rate my sword's name. (Archived)asnaes198139/24 4:19AM
Next way of samurai: What you want in this game? (Archived)duredure2579/23 11:25PM
styles from others way of samurais. (Archived)duredure2519/15 12:14PM
Unbreakable SERAPHIC DEMON (Archived)Dragon_Zero007459/11 1:08PM
TGS just showed a new Way of the Samurai!. But I think it's a vita game... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
vexermaster129/8 7:31PM
Most common invaders? (Archived)kittyrinaRex19/8 2:14PM
Chelsea (Archived)duredure2519/8 3:50AM
anyone with 100% cloths,can you confirm if there is an item called Blue Hakama? (Archived)tehdud19/5 9:13PM
PC port incoming (Archived)Jax78989/5 9:17AM
is big shot worth it for iai style? fastest way to lvl up styles? (Archived)tehdud49/2 1:08AM
help with 2 swords (Archived)tehdud38/26 3:30AM
Tokyu Style Skill Point Does not earning any point (Archived)kazumazero38/25 12:16AM
i didnt get the swords off sensei before i recuited her for dojo (Archived)tehdud28/23 11:41PM
how do you recruit pupils without those ***** white knights arresting you? (Archived)tehdud48/23 8:05PM
No invaders?? (Archived)Alcogod98/22 8:37PM
I dont think Yuri's into me. (Archived)Alcogod38/22 5:53PM
This game vs WOTS3 (Archived)FoxtrotDelta8878/11 7:40PM
Platinum/Complete Save File (Archived)King_Bumiuy12318/2 7:03PM
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